". . . there’s something affecting and even mystical going on. Marvel at it."


Annabelle Maginnis invites to think, calls to dance, dares to feel. Based in Los Angeles, Annabelle is informed by culture and inspired by nature.

In collaboration with Smile High and Teddy Roxpin, “Hear My Mind” was the first release of Annabelle’s project, Free Debris. The tune was played by DJ Valida and Liza Richardson on KCRW.  In the second single release, "Steady (feat. Def Sound)," Annabelle continues their collaborations with Smile High.  The piece was chosen by Fender as a release of the month and favored by Spotify playlists and KCRW DJs alike.  "Little Toes" is their final single release.  Through the joint effort of Annabelle and Austin's CAPYAC, the group captured the tune with a video by Lance Williams. The video and song have been enjoyed by international publications, landed Spotify playlists, got generous KCRW radio time, and even played on the metro screens throughout Mexico City. 

Their debut EP, Free Debris, premiered on June 11th as an 8-track exploration; "For an EP, it’s album-length in both quantity and emotional heft" (Buzzbands 2019). 

Annabelle started with the violin learning and teaching Suzuki method as a kid.  They started playing mandolin in 2011 to accompany their songwriting: self-taught in the blissful isolation of hills in the Bay area. It wasn't until they were living in NYC in the summer of 2013 for street art/mural restoration project that they were coerced by cozy circumstance to play in front of others.  When Annabelle looked up from the perceived privacy of a park bench, they saw that children were dancing.  This moment sparked Annabelle's interest in sharing their music. Working with their project, MetronOhm, they released an EP and Single in 2017 and 2018.  It was not until 2019 that Annabelle started sharing their own music without alias

Annabelle has played the festivals SXSW, Broke LA, Chinatown Summer nights (KCRW, LA Weekly), Underground Music Showcase (Denver) and more.  They play venues including The Lodge Room, The El Rey, The Moroccan Lounge, The Echo, Bottom of the Hill and Bootleg Theater.  In addition to their solo project, they accompany violin and vocals with other artists including Lauren Ruth Ward, def.sound, Holy Wars, TwoLips, and more.

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